Name of Persian origin, GULZAR, means “Garden of Flowers”.

Our product stands out for the choice of fragrances that evoke oriental and European scents, but also for the quality of the perfume, the originality of the packaging, and the simplicity of the designs.

GULZAR represents the signature of modern high perfumery. Architecturally designed, the black cap recalls the texture of the grain de powder tuxedo, which sits on the sculpted shapes of the bottle.

The shine of a precious jewel and perfect finishes, which make it a trendy and timeless design that proudly emerges in all elegance.

French made

It is in the town of Grasse in the Côte d'Azur, in the historic heart of French perfumery, that the beautiful materials that make up our perfumes are developed. The olfactory identities that mark our perfumes are carefully designed and entirely produced in France. At Gulzar Paris, we are proud to offer you high quality perfumes with artisanal know-how. Each fragrance is created in our workshops, in collaboration with renowned master perfumers. We select the best raw materials, from sustainable sources, to guarantee exquisite and unique fragrances. Our commitment to excellence and authenticity is reflected in each bottle, representing the elegance and refinement of French perfumery. Discover the essence of Gulzar Paris, where tradition and innovation meet to awaken your senses.

The centerpiece

It is a centerpiece bathed in light on which we can read the quote:

" Stronger than a feeling,
it's a memory
" - Gulzar Khan

A vision embodied by our unique designs, adorned with gold flowers that contrast with royal blue. Our designers have mastered unique know-how and forgotten skills. These pieces, specially dedicated to our prestigious perfume collection, correspond perfectly with a theme combining elegance and the orient.

Our pieces, which are designed to respect our environmental commitments, are made of 100% recyclable material, leaving no ecological footprint.

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