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Nigella Oil from Ethiopia 30 ML

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Nigella Oil from Ethiopia - Purity and Natural Benefits

Discover the excellence of our Ethiopian Black Seed Oil, a true wonder of nature. Carefully extracted from selected nigella seeds, this 100% natural oil is the result of a first cold pressing, thus preserving all its purity and benefits.

Origin of Exception:

Grown in the fertile lands of Ethiopia, our black seed oil comes from an exceptional source. The ideal climatic conditions and rich soils give this oil a unique quality, providing an authentic sensory experience.

Purity and Quality:

- 🌿 100% Natural: Without additives or compromises, our black seed oil is a pure gift of Ethiopian nature.
- ❄️ First Cold Press: The first cold pressing process ensures maximum preservation of essential nutrients, providing a superior quality oil.

Authentic Benefits:

Integrate this black seed oil into your natural skincare routine. Known for its soothing and revitalizing properties, it deeply nourishes the skin and hair, leaving a feeling of well-being and natural radiance.

Experience Ethiopian authenticity with our Black Seed Oil, an invitation to discover the natural treasures of this exceptional region. 🌍🌿✨

using advice

Depending on your use, you can ingest it, apply it to the skin, body hair, or use it as a culinary ingredient.


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