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White honey from Kyrgyzstan

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🍯 White Honey from Kyrgyzstan - 100% Natural (250g) 🍯

Discover the pure essence of the Kyrgyz meadows in each jar of our White Honey, a delicate wonder of nature in its raw state.

Authentic Origin:

Harvested in the heart of the Kyrgyz valleys, this white honey gets its unique character from the varied flowers that brighten up the landscapes. A sweet testimony to the biodiversity and purity of this preserved region.

Exceptional Quality:

- 🌼 Refined Floral Nectar: ​​Each drop is a delicate fusion of local flower nectar, offering an unparalleled taste experience.
- 🌿 100% Natural Production: Without additives or preservatives, this white honey is a celebration of nature in its purest form.

Tasting Notes:

Enjoy the subtle and floral sweetness of this white honey, ideal for enhancing your teas, toast, and favorite recipes. An exquisite culinary experience awaits you in every spoon.

Conservation Tips:

Store this natural treasure in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight, to preserve its freshness and creamy texture.

Succumb to the sweet purity of Kyrgyz White Honey – a beekeeping experience that will awaken your senses to the splendor of the Kyrgyz meadows. 🌸🍯✨

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Conseil d'utilisation

Appliquez sur la peau humide, en moussant. Ensuite, rincez abondamment avec de l'eau.


Produit inflammable, tenir à l'abri de la chaleur. À usage externe seulement. Ne pas ingérer. Eviter les contact avec les yeux et l'application sur les peaux irrités. Ne convient pas aux enfatns de moins de 3 ans.

Avant d'utiliser ce produit, veuillez lire la liste des ingrédients sur l'emballage afin de vous assurer que ceux-ci sont appropriés pour votre usage personnel.