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Pot 7 healings Kanz Shifa 100% Natural - 300g

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Pot of Honey 7 Healings - 100% Natural

🌿 Pot of Honey 7 Healings - 100% Natural 🌿

Discover the pure magic of nature in each delicious spoonful of our 7 Healing Honey, a perfect blend of the gifts of the earth. This exceptional treasure delicately combines golden honey, blessed Zamzam water, nigella seeds, Ajwa dates, Indian costus, senna leaf and fennel, creating a beneficial potion for a healthy life.

✨ The 7 Treasures for Optimal Health:

1. Purified Zamzam: Charged with sacred energy, it brings revitalizing freshness.
2. Nigella Seeds: Known for its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.
3. Ajwa Dates: A natural sweetness rich in essential nutrients.
4. Indian Costus: Strengthens the immune system and stimulates vitality.
5. Senna Leaf: Promotes healthy digestion and regulates intestinal transit.
6. Fennel: Soothes and revitalizes, delivering delicate flavor in every drop.
7. Golden Honey: A sweet elixir, naturally antibacterial, for unparalleled sweetness.

🍯 Why choose our 7 Healing Honey?

- 100% Natural: No additives or preservatives, simply the purity of nature.
- Exceptional Quality: Carefully selected ingredients for an authentic experience.
- Holistic Benefits: Nourish your body and mind with a synergy of natural ingredients.
- Immune Support: Strengthen your immune system naturally.
- Deliciously Nutritious: A unique taste experience, combining sweetness and health benefits.

Embrace the power of nature and treat yourself to the best of the earth, while honoring your health. Integrate our 7 Healing Honey into your daily life and discover an incomparable taste and beneficial experience. 🌿🍯✨

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Conseil d'utilisation

Appliquez sur la peau humide, en moussant. Ensuite, rincez abondamment avec de l'eau.


Produit inflammable, tenir à l'abri de la chaleur. À usage externe seulement. Ne pas ingérer. Eviter les contact avec les yeux et l'application sur les peaux irrités. Ne convient pas aux enfatns de moins de 3 ans.

Avant d'utiliser ce produit, veuillez lire la liste des ingrédients sur l'emballage afin de vous assurer que ceux-ci sont appropriés pour votre usage personnel.